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Wiracocha Tours Peru is a travel operator specialized in fair and shamanic tourism in Peru, in the regions of Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu considered as a global energy hub and cultural world  heritage, with the most important temples and Inca sites of this wonderful country.


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At the heart of the Inca’s history, the Wiracocha team puts you in relationship with the guardians of the Andean Mystery, the Qeros nation and the taitas or Andean shamans who share their initiation rituals kept secret since the colonization. Accompanied by the Qeros, Wiracocha offers exclusive tours in the energetic and sacred sites, high altitude Treks as the "Inca Trail" and the "Salkantay", personalized and traditional trips in exceptional panoramas around Cusco.

Our off the beaten track, close to the people and their traditions activities are made for those seeking information and answers about the wisdom of the Andes, shamanism, the Inca society, sacred plants and the mysteries of existence. In our Tours & trips, we offer ceremonies with entheogenic plants, rituals and meditations in highly symbolic places at precise astronomical dates.

Peru is a wonderful country with unlimited diversity as well in its ecosystem and its panoramas as its culture and cuisine. Peru is also the homeland of the Païtiti and the sacred medicinal plants such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Coca and Willka. These mistresses plants are an integral part of the ideology and the Amazonian and Andean worldview.

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With our 15 years’ experience we realize that travelling also means being free. Our desire is to share the strong natural and spiritual energies of Cuzco-Inca with our Qeros, Shipibos and Quechua Shamans and our confirmed guides and therapists, allowing maximum autonomy to the participants to leave a space for imagination, introspection and opening of the heart.

Our tours and trips are fair and voluntarily ecotourism oriented because we prefer "another way of travelling." We guarantee quality, comfort, security and logistics to facilitate the experience of our participants (check our fair tourism chart).

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Because each path is unique ... Wiracocha Tours is also a specialist in your personalized trips around Cusco in Peru. We develop the program of your choice closest to your expectations and budget.


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Already in Peru or South America and you plan to spend some time in Cusco, contact us to participate in our personalized tours, trips and ceremonies.

For any information or question, feel free to contact us.